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Pradvis is an advisory company that seamlessly connects businesses with premium freelancers all in one place, providing a reliable solution for professionals to monetize their skills and help businesses grow cost-effectively.

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Unlike our competitors, we perform professional and academic background checks for freelancers who join our company. Our rigorous verification process ensures that we only offer the highest-quality freelancers that are best suited to help you grow your business.


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With low fees, you save money and our freelancers make more.


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With low fees, you save money and our freelancers make more. Find the perfect freelancer for your business in just minutes.


Verified Professionals

Since we vet our freelancers, you can expect the best quality service.


Built For Professionals

Become a verified freelancer and finally get paid what you deserve.


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Take back control and only do the work that is right for you.


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With reasonable fees, you can actually keep the money you make.

Stop spending time and money finding the right freelancers or relentlessly marketing yourself online and chasing down leads – join today and let us do the hard work for you.

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About Pradvis

We created Pradvis to provide a consulting company where anyone with professional skills can provide advisory services to businesses and secure an additional income source. We are all about speed, reduced cost, and immediate impact for businesses without sacrificing quality.

Since our freelancers go through a rigorous vetting process, we can ensure that businesses get access to only premium-quality freelancers and that our verified professionals get paid what they deserve.


What Makes Us Different

Our company strikes the perfect balance, helping businesses find the best talent at a reasonable cost while providing professionals with a reliable way to monetize their skills from the comfort of their own homes.

Freelancing Network

Work with the largest network of independent professionals and get things done – from quick turnarounds to big transformations.

Our advisory company is a one-stop-shop where businesses can access a large database of qualified freelancers and where free freelancers can monetize their expertise and earn an additional stream of income, all online.

How Pradvis Is Changing
The Way You Hire Freelancers


Verified Freelancers Only

We vet all of the freelancers on our company which guarantees you will receive professional service from a highly-qualified freelancer.


Quality Service On A Budget

Hiring on our company is incredibly cost-effective – as a business owner, you will only pay the freelancer for your project plus a 3% processing fee.


A Competitive Network

Our marketplace is filled with professionals that are not only verified but also have specific expertise so you can find exactly who you need to get the job done right the first time.


Exclusively From North America

Our pool of freelancers is relatively small compared to that of the competition because it is made up of highly-vetted professionals exclusively from the US and Canada. This way you can be sure that the freelancer you hire has a solid understanding of your market.

Freelancing Has Never Been More Simple

Monetize your expertise and make money in your spare time with Pradvis.

Earn an additional source of income from your home

Control your schedule and work only when you want to

Build a lasting professional network (get paid while doing so)

Get started today and receive access to an exclusive community, valuable resources, and a higher amount of consulting fees compared to what you currently get from other freelancing companies.


What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are chosen by a business owner to perform a professional service, you will receive an email in your inbox with details regarding the next steps. You will log in on the platform and request the required documents from the customer so you can perform the service.

Yes. First and foremost, we strongly advise against using your employer’s software to perform such professional services. If a professional service requires a specific software at all (e.g. financial statements, tax return, etc.), then we recommend buying a license and installing that software on your personal computer. Only buy a software license once you have been chosen by a small business owner. Over time, that cost will be meaningless compared to the fees you will be earning by providing numerous professional services. Don’t focus on the immediate cost. Focus on the big picture.

While there is no guarantee that your boss won’t know of your advisory services outside of your current full-time job, your profile on this platform will only be accessible to small business owners who want to do business directly with you. Your profile will not be accessible to anyone else on the platform.

There is always a confidentiality risk when sharing your data with any consulting firm. However, with Pradvis, the risk is mitigated by:

  • Choosing consultants whose profiles have been verified
  • Pradvis’s requirement that all consultants sign a confidentiality agreement

While not always necessary, one way to ensure that the consultant is qualified for the task is to deal only with consultants whose profiles have been verified. Also, depending on your budget, Pradvis may provide assistance to connect you with the appropriate consultant.

The main revenue source for Pradvis will be the service fee we will be collecting on each professional service rendered by the consultant. Meaning, each time a professional performs a professional service for a small business owner, there will be a small service fee that the consultant has to pay. This fee will help us keep running the platform.

Yes, there is a risk. As mentioned above, the fees we collect on each transaction help us keep the platform alive. By choosing to deal with each other outside of the platform, both the consultant and the small business owner betray the very purpose of the platform. As a consequence, they may be permanently excluded from the platform, and Pradvis will not provide any assistance in the event of a dispute between the consultant and the customer. We strongly advise you to provide/request consulting services on the platform only.

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